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With the launch of Focus40 over 2 years ago we have listened to customer feedback and added updates that make your quoting experience easier and more professional. We have recently updated our standard composite door library to match current choices of composite designs. We hope that you can find the perfect design in our generic library but if you can’t we offer a feature, only available in Focus40, that allows you to take a design image directly from your supplier's door designer and include it in your Focus40 quotation. This means you will always deliver an accurate visual quote to your customers so they know exactly what they are getting.

New Product - Triple track patios available in PVC and Aluminum Systems. Added with standard styles. As always you can add to these if you feel any are missing.

Another additional feature we have added by popular demand is Anthracite coloured hardware across every product in Focus40. Various other parts like a Finger Pull option for patio doors, 60mm add ons for PVC products and Reeded glass. We have also amended the options in Sashes so you can colour the sash separately to the outer frame.

If you do have any requests/feedback we would love to hear from you! You can give us a call on 01452 348575 or contact us via email at

Triple Track Patio Door in White PVC
PVC Triple Track Patio

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