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Windowlink subscription packages come complete with access to our Support Team.

If you have any difficulties or questions about your packages you can get support from our technical team over the phone or by email, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

If needed, we can also log-in remotely to your machine to fix your issue.

Subscription packages include free support for the lifetime of your subscription.

We can also offer individual or group training sessions at Windowlink HQ in Gloucester, at your premises or online.

To subscribe to Windowlink Support or renew your package, call us on 01452 348575.

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Superimposing your job

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Rooflight and Glass Sections

  • How much is the software?
    We have various packages that are available for different amounts of Devices and Contract periods. You can use Find Plan £ to get a cost tailored to you. Get your price today!
  • What do I need to run the software?
    Our software is not heavily reliant on hardware so as long as you have a PC or Laptop that is running a full version of Windows 10 or above it should be fine. If you are unsure we can add the Trial to your computer to check it out. Tags: [Minimum Specs] [Hardware] [Windows 10]
  • When is your support line open?
    Our support line is open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm. You can contact us via telephone on 01452 348575 or email us on
  • How do I add my company details?
    Near the top of the screen you will see 'Maintenance' then 'Application Settings' and you can add them there. To add your logo go to the 'Reports' tab and then hit 'Browse' and find your logo.
  • Can I customise my reports as I would like them to look different?
    Yes, of course, however, Customisation and Bespoke changes are chargeable at an hourly rate. For reports we would recommend creating a draft copy of what you would like the new report or change to look like. Send this to us at and we can give you a quote. Some minor changes may even be covered by your support.
  • My reports won't print and it states "Paper size is too small"
    Check your print settings. You find this by clicking 'File' in the top left then click 'Printer Settings'. Once here check the paper size is set to A4. If this happens again, you may check your Computer defaults for print settings.
  • Can I put a customers new windows onto their house for them to see?
    Yes! You can superimpose their new windows onto their house and send them over an image of this or show them in person. Check out our YouTube or contact us if you would like to know more!
  • Can I add my own pricing information to the software?
    Yes, you can input your prices into our software easily! You can check out our YouTube to help you get started and we can help guide you when inputting your costs. We can even do it for you...give us a call to find out more!
  • How do I add glass sections to a solid roof?
    Check out this YouTube video on how to do this. It's easy!
  • How do I remove Georgian bars from the bottom pane of a window but keep it in the top sash?
    Check out this YouTube video. It's easy!
  • What are your office hours?
    Our office hours are Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
  • Where are you located?
    Our office address is Kestrel Court, Waterwells Business Park, Waterwells Drive, Gloucester, GL2 2AT
  • How can I pay an invoice?
    You can pay an invoice over the telephone on 01452 348575 or via BACS to Windowlink Ltd, NatWest Chippenham, A/C: 24011762, Sort Code: 52-21-30
  • When did you start developing software?
    We were founded in 1985. Check out our About page to learn more!
  • Do you still do Vector for Conservatories?
    Yes, but it now comes under Focus40 Conservatories. Check out Find Plan £ or give us a call.
  • What is Vector?
    Vector is the name of our Conservatory and Glazed extension software. This is now available within the Focus40 software. It is a conservatory design and quoting software package that helps you create a photo-realistic 3D image of the conservatory, orangery, or glazed extension superimposed onto a photograph of your home. Vector takes you through the complete design and pricing process, helping you avoid mistakes that can cost you time and money further down the line. It also has a library of hundreds of designs for conservatories, orangeries, and glazed extensions, along with glazed roof, solid roof, frames, rooflights, roof lanterns, flooring, brickwork, external finishes, and more.
  • Do you link to any other software?
    We have a CRM connection link to BusinessPilot. This link will save you lots of time in your day as we know you are very busy. Call us to find out more!
  • Who do I contact if I need help?
    You can call us on 01452 348575, email us on or use our webchat to get support! Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
  • Do you offer Fabrication/Production Software?
    Yes, we do! Contact us to get a demo today
  • What systems do you have setup for Fabrication?
    We offer Selecta, Liniar, Optima, Deceuninck and more! Give us a call to see how we can help you set up your fabrication systems.
  • Do you offer training on the software?
    Yes! We offer training at your workplace or remotely. This is chargeable per hour and we can show you everything to do with Focus, Vector and even Custom Design...if you're feeling brave. Give us a call on 01452 348575 or email us on
  • I can't find a conservatory module that suits my specifications. What can I do?
    We do have an extensive library of conservatory modules but sometimes a conservatory is so bespoke it's not part of the standard package. If you have Custom Design you can create it through there. We do offer support if you get stuck using Custom Design and you can also book a class if you want something more in-depth. Alternatively, If you don't have the time (or can't be bothered!) we can do it for you! Send us your spec and we can give you a quote.
  • Is your software cloud based?
    No, which is great because our software works without the internet making it perfect for those customers that live off the grid or unreliable networks. But we also can utilise third-party software such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive so you can share data and jobs with anyone else in the business when you are connected to the internet. TAG: SaaS, Software as a Service
  • How do the licences work?
    Licences are allocated per device. An example would be having a laptop on the road and a desktop in the office. This would allocate 2 licences. We offer packages ranging from 2 to 10 devices. Use Find Plan £ to get a package tailored to your business! In the past, the licences did not renew automatically. Now with Focus40 this isn't the case. It will renew automatically depending on the length of your previously agreed contract. If you have any other questions regarding licences feel free to contact us!
  • Does your software run on Apple devices, Andriod or Chromebook?
    Natively, no but you can use a virtual machine with Windows installed on it. This means you can run the software on either of these devices with the appropriate software.
  • Can I get glass sizes?
    Yes, but you must have the correct frame system in your program. If you use one of our generic systems the sizes will likely be incorrect. Talk to one of our Sales reps on how to get started.
  • Can I superimpose the conservatory I have designed onto the customer's house?
    Yes! You can superimpose their new conservatory and windows onto their house and send them an image of this or show them in person. Check out our YouTube or contact us if you would like to know more!
  • How quickly can I get started?
    You can be set up and start quoting the very same day you enquire! Contact us to get the process started
  • What is the length of the contract?
    We offer plans Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. Check out Find Plan £ to see which one suits you.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    In the unlikely event you would like to cancel your software subscription, you can do so by either emailing us on or giving us a call on 01452 348575. The notice period will depend on the length of your previously agreed contract.
  • I want to add a door range to my existing software package. How do I do this?
    Give us a call or email us and we can discuss your options!
  • Can I have a demo?
    Yes, you can! Please fill out the form and we can get this sorted for you. If it's within office hours Mon-Fri 9-5 someone should be with you shortly, otherwise, we will get to you as soon as we are back in.

Andy Young, Kingdom Rooms

"I have worked with Windowlink for many years now, originally using window and conservatory pricing software.  These programs undoubtedly helped us grow our business with a product that gave clear and detailed information to customers and our whole team alike.  Windowlink's understanding of this industry and skill set helped us improve bottomline by working to avoid mistakes and time delays and helped us achieve enviably high customer reviews too."

Ryan Schofield, Thames Valley Windows

"We have worked with Windowlink for over 13 years and Focus is intrinsically linked to our sales processes and documentation including survey paperwork. We have spent a lot of time keeping our product ranges up to date within the program and this has paid dividends to our organisation and smooth order processing. When we have left products outside of Focus this has led to errors and issues but once they are brought in to the program we have much more consistency in specification. Their support team are very helpful and their understanding of the industry and its products makes customisation and development much easier than working with typical ‘software’ companies."

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