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Manufacturing windows can be a complex process, but with our software, it doesn't have to be. Our software is designed for window manufacturers, making it easy to create accurate and efficient production plans. With features like automated cutting and optimized material usage, our software can help you streamline your manufacturing process and increase your productivity. Contact us today to learn more about how our software can benefit your window manufacturing business. The setup process is easier than you may think with established links to automated machining centres and saws.

Cutting List on laptop.png

Cutting List

  • All profiles grouped together by the parts

  • Then grouped by EndPrep and then size to reduce the amount of times you have to move the saw heads

  • The last page gives you a summary of all profiles used to make ordering easier

  • An optimised version is also available

  • Can also link to a saw or machining centre

Works Order

  • Very clear and easy to read

  • Red highlights on Non-Standard Items

  • Clear indication of different Glass types (In this case Float & Toughened)

  • Easy to mix & Match Outer Frame Profiles (In this case a ‘Heavy Head’ has been selected)

  • Reinforcing Parts in a different colour

Works Order_edited.jpg

Costing Summary

  • A complete breakdown of all the parts and prices for a particular job

  • Non-Priced items highlighted in red

  • Wastage included

  • An optimised version is also available

Glass Requirements

  • The list is grouped my the Unit Makeup (All the Low E first, then Low E Toughened etc.)

  • Can also have a completely separate  Toughened Glass report if necessary

Glass Requirements.png
Profit Summary.png

Profit Report

  • Gives a breakdown of each windows cost & selling price

Profile/Glass Labels

  • Lists profiles in the same order as the cutting list while also showing where the cut piece fits in the finished frame

  • Can be used if you manufacture your own sealed units

  • One for each finished frame to make it easier to identify the frames to load on to the fitters/delivery van

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