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How long does it take to quote a conservatory?!

Starting from a simple sketch we knocked up a complete quote in just 80 seconds, including a bifold door, glass roof sections and solid walls. Once the drawing is complete you can then utilise any of the reports and superimpose the drawing onto the customer's house to give them the full experience.

The customer comes back with alterations? Great, load the job and make the changes. Not sure between 2 colours or different door styles? Save a new copy with the changes so they can look at both, no need to start from the beginning.

If the pricing structures have been populated the program will even work out the costs as it's going along. On top of this, we have also worked with customers to include bespoke order forms they send to their suppliers so these can be automatically populated. No double data entry.

How long does it take to do all this by hand? We are guessing it's more likely hours not under 2 minutes!

As we all know "Time is money". Give us a call now or even drop us a message in the chat and we can get a demo and trial sorted for you before any more time is wasted!

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