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Sales and Presentation

Quick and Easy to use in front of the customer in their home or at the showroom

Focus40 Menu

Easy to use

You don't need to be a computer wizard or even a double glazing expert to navigate the system and create complex jobs to meet your customers' needs.


Pricing is straightforward to setup and can work from simple or complex matrices or priced from parts. The price is displayed on the screen so the customer sees it update as options are selected. Everything is available for you to set up, but we can help out if you have a pricelist to enter. We can also build bespoke pricing setups to match your exact price list.

Windowlink Pricing


We include as standard a wide range of Quotation and Contract reports in both 2D and 3D. All are easily customisable to include your company colours and logo. The program also includes Supplier Orders, Surveys, Price Breakdowns and more.

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