Make the most of the bespoke product boom with Focus and Vector

Posted on 9th August 2022

Mark Dudley, Managing Director at Windowlink, charts the rise of highly customisable, ‘bespoke’ products – and explains how his market-leading software products can help installers capitalise on it. 

Bespoke. It’s one of those words that, twenty years ago, a lot of people would never have heard of. But today, it’s seemingly everywhere. 

Originally, it only referred to clothing – hand-made suits and other garments, precisely tailored to the buyer’s physique and sense of style. 

But in the modern world, it’s become attached to a whole array of different products – in the 2020s, you can buy everything from bespoke clothes and furniture to bespoke dog food. 

And increasingly, you also see the word used in less precise contexts – no longer just to refer to products literally hand-made to a customer’s exact specifications, but also to off-the-shelf solutions that are highly customisable. 

It’s in that respect that we’ve seen its use become more and more common in fenestration. 

Competing in the modern marketplace 

In glass and glazing today, versatile products you can extensively tailor to a homeowner’s preferences are big business. 

It’s hard to say exactly when – but there was definitely a big shift in attitudes that occurred sometime from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. 

This was the era of the first big home improvement TV shows, like Changing Rooms and Grand Designs – and the decades since have seen surging demand for stylish products, available in a vast array of colours and configurations. 

To compete in the modern marketplace, you need to be able to offer exactly that sort of versatility.  

But every installer in the country claims to offer a great range. How can you prove just how flexible yours is? 

The answer is Focus and Vector. 

Building the dream 

Focus and Vector, our market-leading software products, make your sales pitches quicker, easier and more effective. 

Focus covers windows and doors, and Vector covers glazed extensions – but the core functionality is the same for both. 

The products offer a whole range of benefits, but by far one of the most powerful is their ability to let you help homeowners design a product to their exact specifications, down to the colour, hardware and type of glass used. 

Then, even better, installers can take a picture of the customer’s home, upload it to the software, then superimpose the products they’ve designed, giving the customer an idea of what the finished design would look like once installed. 

What’s more, the products featured in Focus and Vector aren’t generic models – the software can be fully customised to include the exact systems and profiles an installer offers. 

There’s no better way to quickly communicate the breadth and versatility of your product range. 

Better for customers, better for you 

Once a customer has settled on a design they like, Focus and Vector can immediately price it up, translate it into quotes featuring the company branding, as well as contracts and reports. 

All in all, it makes life much easier for you, and presents you as a highly skilled, professional, reputable business. 

At Windowlink, we’ve been proudly helping installers streamline their businesses, generate leads and boost conversions for nearly forty years. 

Want to learn more about how we can help you do the same? Don’t hesitate to get in touch today. 

For more information, visit, email, or call 01452 348575. 

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